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Weekly Voice - IndoCanadian Newspaper

IndiaCanadaMarriage bride and groom

Indian Matrimonials - Why Should You Join?
"I think your website is simply fabulous, and will provide a really good link for Indo-Canadians to meet each other."
We have one of the largest CANADIAN databases on the net, with over 10,000 Profiles! Aren't you tired of searching Indian matrimonial sites filled with American Profiles? Wouldn't you rather find someone close to home? IndiaCanadaMarriage is the only site you'll need to visit. You Bitcoin New Zealand can register your profile for FREE, so what are you waiting for? Register now!

Indian Matrimonials - What Can We Offer You?
"Just a quick note to say thanks...You people are extremely patient.Thank you so much!!!"
We can offer you more services than any other site! This is what we offer:
  • Free Registration and photograph for your profile.
  • Direct access to your profile information so you can modify it whenever you want.
  • Automatic Bookmarking Feature so you can keep track of everyone you have contacted and how many times.
  • Personal Statistics on your profile so you can see how popular your profile is.
  • Advanced Search Feature to browse hundreds of profiles.
  • Complete Confidentiality so that no one has to know who you are until you are ready.
  • Contact Message Filters so you only get quality messages. We make sure no inappropriate language reaches you.
  • Free Picture Scanning so you can mail us a photograph to attach to your profile if you can't email us one.
  • Photo Editing to help you look your best (check out our before and after pictures!)
  • Private Photo viewing page so that you can control who sees your photographs. (check out a sample page)
  • Canadian Immigration Q&A; to answer your questions.
  • Bi-weekly Newsletter with updates of new profiles added.
  • Complementary Profile Evaluation to help you put together an effective profile.
  • Ability to Activate/De-Activate your Profile. If you are seriously talking with someone, you can temporarily de-activate your profile so you won't receive anymore contact messages.
  • If you forget your userid and password we will email it to you!
  • Excellent Customer Service.
Indian Matrimonials - How Does Our Site Work?
"Thank you for running this wonderful website. You are rendering a great service to the Canadian-Indian community"
  • Login FREE as a guest anytime to have a look at the profiles available.
  • Become a basic plan member for FREE by registering your profile. Your member username and password will be immediately emailed to the address indicated on your registration form. You will need this information to login as a member.
  • Login as a basic plan member and edit your profile, or change your password. You can browse profiles, add a photo to your profile, and receive contact messages from other members. Enjoy complete confidentiality!
  • Upgrade from basic to advanced plan membership so that in addition to basic plan features, you can contact other members anonymously, view your profile hit statistics, enjoy automatic bookmarking, photoediting, set up a private photograph gallery page, and more!

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Indian Woman picture Indian Women in the Millenium - The Struggle Continues...

Now that we're well into the new Millenium, I'd say it's a perfect time to evaluate our status as women. How do Y2K Indian women measure up? Are we happy with our status relative to men...

What do you think? Join us in the ICM Forum.

Rabindranath Tagore Picture Music is silenced, the dark descending slowly has stripped unending skies of all companions. Weariness grips your limbs and within the locked horizons dumbly ring the bells of hugely gathering fears...

Come join us in Poet's Corner for some great Indian Poetry!

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